Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the dress code?

The Rally with Champions Workshops is uber casual – PJ’s are fine! #TeamUSA gear is also a plus :)

When is it?

We will have workshops twice a week starting on April 9th until May 12th!

What happens at the Rally with Champions Workshops?

We will have 2 of our Champions talk round table discussion style with our host Shannon Bahrke-Happe! Topics of discussion range from mental health and overcoming challenges to being at the Olympics themselves!

Is there reserved seating?

However your house runs it, that’s how we run it!

What about travel cost?

Stay inside – Save Lives!

Will there be food served?

BYOS (Bring Your Own Snacks) style!

Who can attend?

Anyone that has the internet

How much does it cost?

It’s $10 but we are donating all proceeds to our Champions (AKA our athletes who are training for the Olympics!)

Who created the Rally with Champions Workshops?

The Rally with Champions Workshops were created in collaboration by Team Empower Hour and Convoi.

Where can I get my questions answered that are not answered here?

Please email!